when I was in Palestine/Israel, especially at the end of the trip, I smell sad, I feel sad.
Both Israeli and Palestinian feels they are victims, and both think other side is violent monster.

About Israeli side:

    I dont like the idea the Israeli planned to make the Palestine become Jewish state.
    By the "Jewsih state", the big idea just like "one Arab" inspire people but not practical and not for peace.
    jewish state, by what perspective to treat non-Jews on the land? How Arab world would like the idea?
    One arab, how about non-arabs? and Who is the head of the Arab countries?
    And many plans, secrets, cheating, many things going on to achieve the goal of jewish state.
    And somehow it is common at the middle east world, violence and cheating can achieve many things.
    Just Israeli did better job about that, find the right partner to ally, exchange interests, 
    On the table also under table fighting and allies.

    At the same time, the Jews from the world, they come Israel for better life.
    In the past, Jews in Europe was in very bad situation, till WW-II, German Nazi well organized and executed the general Europeans' idea.
    If you search "Ghetto", ironically Jew treat Palestines somehow like they are treated in Europe before, just a bit better than that moment.

    In Jenin- Freedom theater, the manager mentioned, 
    some of the Jew migration becomes soldiers, 
    they want to show loyalty to their Unit,
    so they are more cold blood and emotionless to execute orders completely.

    Or some early immigrationis, they are frustrated about why the Israel society become like this.
    It was peace and able to travel without border and check points.
    I feel mostly people like the Courch Surfing old couple are simple people, 
    live at the land for more than 100 years, for 3 generations.
    Mostly farmers, they buy land, they live on the land, they just live as a general Jew family.
    Maybe the responsibility is they didn't stand out to stop their government, 
    but they are like generally good people, complains but not sure what to do.

    Some Zionist, the goal is the Jewish country, but I didn't really meet one.
    I met one from America, I think they move from US to Israel for some Ideals,
    Like move to home town of their tribe, race, ethics. 
    Just the guy he realized the Zionist is jsut racism, he doesn't like the idea after he grow up.

    I guess the Isreali are live in fears, also not sure what to do to have peace life.
    Afraid of bombers, which does happen. And of course it comes with reasons and long suffer history at the Palestine side.
    Afraid of shooting, stabber on street. Afraid of the Arab world attacking. 
    Worry of Boycott hurts their economics.
    Afraid of if Palestine in charge of something, they will have to leave the place they struggles for 100+ years.
    the struggle include fighting with neighbor countries, include policy to opress Palestinians, include fight with the difficult dry weather, build a Jewish system country, so that they can have a good life, somehow feel secured in Israel.

    They try to be proud as Isreal, but they can not be really proud because they did quite some things not good a lot, no matter what reason.
    They try to be express as victims to tell the world they forced to fight back because they are hurt, but same, they dont look like really "forced".
    They try to say they have good culture, but again when the reason somehow work for opress...
    They try to be mad about people make them hurt, but same they hurt people without hesitate..

    They have to be strong to defend theirselves.
    More than one Israeli says:
    "If palestines drops weapon ask for peace, they will have the peace."
    "If Israel drops weapon, ask for peace, we will be killed."

    Also a gentle Israeli host:
    "I dont mind to let Palestine have full control ot West bank and without settlement."
    "If we allow Palestine have the west bank, will they be satisfied?"
    "Then maybe Palestine will grow up, and force us to give up israel, and we have to leave this place and I dont want to."
    Also a Jewish old man from USA:
    "we can not let Palestine have the right to vote. "
    "they have more polulation, they will elect a leader not friendly to Israeli, they will pass law not friendly to Israeli,"
    "Arabs in Israel is safe to live to travel, how about Jewish in west bank?"
    "they will not accept live with Israeli, but Israeli accept to live with Arabs...."
    Also during the jerusalem old city tour, the guide introduced the jewish quarter.
        about 1948, The jordanian government said "No jewish on Arab's land", so no jewish to mainain the jewish quarter.
        So no developing that moment, only garbages here. which remain the place for future archaenology.
        So Israel some how could believe that Arabs truely not going to accept Jews to live on the same land.
    plus talking to a Jewish old man from USA, his opinion:
        "after war in 1967, which Israel begin the war before the arab allies ready, and gained large lands.
        When Israel try to neogotiate, the Arab allies refuse to neogotiate." 
    Also the settlemnts starts since then.
    In case being wiped out by the Arabs, maybe wipe out Arab earlier would be a reasonable decision?
    When I leave israel by plane, thru airport security check takes me about an hour more.
    I feel deep sad, how the israeli try hard to protect themselve.
    How Israeli some how like a excellent student but no friends, most classmates don't like him/her.
    And some how I feel Israel will only care about how to live better, how to self-protect, just like other things are nothing to do with them.
    So they are free to doubt and inspect anyone, anything, for security.
    Nothing to be sorry, for self-defense.
    Especially compare to Turkey, 
    when people can say they are from turkey easily, some proud, some complains...with smile, welcoming warm.
    the stereotype of Israel is proud and preserverance, and some pain and maybe some guilty, 
    and comes with defending that they have no choices.
About Palestine Side:
    The Muslim culture inherited in society.
    Smile, and be good to guests, "Welcome" "where are you from" like daily life.

    Deeply feel some positive energy that fearless to future, struggling but still proud.
    Also a helpless atmosphere, Fear and anger mixing,
    nothing to do with the opression, weak government, strong unfriendly "neighbor".
    Fear of settlement expandsion will take over all the land in the future, 
    Fear of IDF can arrest anyone in Palestine if they want, Israeli milltitary violence to citizen is not treated seriously by either PA or Israel.
    Fear of all the resource include water is controlled by unfriendly authority.
    Anger that as people on the land with history with proud can only suffer and do nothing, 
        Palestine has no weapon even knifes, Israeli can carry a big gun everywhere.
    Anger that friends, families are killed but no justice, that caused the revenge attacking is a must to live with pride.
    Anger that media didn't really show what is going on. 
        It only make the world think Palestine is a violent dangerous place with evil people.
    The mixing somehow blind Palestine people so that people have no willing to develop conversation with the unfriendly neighbor,
    because the conversation can't help the fear and anger, only shows weakness.

    Or Israeli thinks Palestine is not friendly just as unfriendly as Israeli,
    Similarly, Palestian thinks Isralie is not friendly just as unfriendly as Palestinian.  
    In jerusalem, a CS host back from USA, he thinks there are middle east game rule, 
    the one starts talking is understood as weak.
    Strong one take the thing he wants, weak one talks.
    So only talk after you showed the power that you are not weak, otherwise you wiil be eaten at middle east.
    Israeli is mixing Europe culture and Middle east culture, mixing the openness also the toughness.
    (Jewish mainly from Europe or Russia, they absorbs many europe culture, even russian absorbs quite some europe culture, too.)
    And Palestine, 
    samely toughness but less openness, that might be derived from the Muslim world decline since 16-17th century;
    samely toughness but weaker economical and militaric strengh but wanna to show same impact for fighting.
    Heart broken to see the documentary, Arna's children.
    The kids are helpless, with anger, questioning arab society. 
    At last they involved a fight, sacrifice for family, community, their people, a future country.
    They have to fight back, because there is no other thinking to guide people.
    By visiting freedom theater, the manager describes: "violent fighing image is exactly the Israel authourity expects."
    Then Israel could have the excuse to move military forces, named as keep Israel safe, to damage Palestinian society.
    So Isreal will openly or secretly bomb, kill the leaders of Palestine, especially who promote non-violent resistant.
    Also the hate stops conversation, 
    Israeli will think Palestines are dangerous, they will think Palestine will kill any Israeli if they have the chance.
    Palestine will think Israeli spy or enemy, whoever talk to the israeli just like talk to the killer who kills family member.
    Just like story of Freedom Theater, Arna or Juliano, who join the community as a jewish image, 
    and live with local for years trying hard to help in cinema theater therapy way, so finally gain trust, to have communication.
    By creating anger in between, I think it that makes Israel government easier to deal with Palestine.
    Because Israeli governemnt try to be democratic to Israeli people,
    if Israeli people stand out and speak out for Palestine, government will have more headache.
    Especially I think most Israeli has foreign connections, which can deliver the news to the world wide somehow.
    like the closuer of the Barbur gallery, (Barbur is Swan in Hebrew).
    Because the gallery promotes freedom of speech, some opinions steps on governemnt toes,
    so governemtn announces it is closed due to their impropper event.
    But based on the gallery's announcement, it is illegal for the government to close the gallery by the reason.
    Also another example, the Israel court orders the police to remove an illegal settlement on westbank.
    Also an Israeli weekly TV show critical on polics, sharp ironic to up-to-date news.
    There are many different voices in Israel. 
    Many of them not agree with government, if Plestine people can work with them, it might be a solution.
    It reminds the days in Taiwan at the Japanese colonization period, 
    Taiwan people work with Japanese politician in order to let Taiwan people have more right.
    Because many voices in Japan, the political powers and ideas are fighting each other, too.
    They have different vision about the future Japan with future Taiwan.
    But it is still hard for Palestine people, because they are hurt too deep. 
    they can not trust Israelis, since maybe the Israeli they see in their life would be mostly the military with gun, violence.
    I visited the Nablus Balata Refugee camp, really bad situation. 
    And the woman in charge the youth center there, she is not going to have the view that one day Palestines accept Israeli.
    Understandable that she is strugging many daily issues, and violence is daily going issue, not easy to see hope.
    Or just I simply simified the situation. 
    she said: "you don't really know the situation."
    Also who knows if the next leader try to raise different ideas will be murdered by Israel? or Angry Palestine people?
Who starts the fight?    
    If look back to history, personal limited understanding is, 
    both Palestine and Israel are fighting like middle age, the one stronger speak.
    So Israel used forces, and Palestine used suicide bombs, the violent upgrages from 18xx, but samely:
    "I hurt you, because you hurt me."
    "If you dont stop hurting me, I will not stop hurting you."
    "you hurt me 1, I hurt you 2."
    Also it happens at the limited land.
    Israeli: "It is a big Arab world, Palestine can go whereever they like, why fight with us for the small place? "
    Palestinian: "It is a huge world, Israeli should go back Europe or wherever they from!"
    But indeed, Arab countries are consider theirselves more than considering Palestinian brothers.
    Jewish in the world is not living as good as Israeli mostly, except USA, implied by the population ratio of Jewish worldwide.
    So it is a deadlock, until one side terminate the otherside.
    Palestine is not able to terminate Israeli by the limited power and not really having foreign ally.
    Seems Israeli is trying to do so in a caerful way, 
    avoid to cause another big confict with Palestine, and avoid U.N. involve, and avoid global boycott.
    By settlement expansion, seems a peace reason to build communities for people living.
    then put army to keep settlement safe, build wall and gates, for the reason of safety.
    then the hate grows by more settlement, more sodiers, more conflict.
    Hate from Palestine brings fear of Israeli, then government shows toughness for Israeli security to have more settlements.
    Israeli: "By the Holy bible, We are here before 1020 BC(first kindome build). We are here by gods promise! look at the holy sites!!"
    (also the bible says Israeli doesnt believe in god anymore, so god give Israeli to their enemies.)

    Palestines: "we are here never left!! Here is Islamic holy sites, too."
To Build a Country

    Like an orphan after World war I, Old father Ottoman turkey is not good to arab people.
    Arab world supported by British seperated from Ottoman Turkey, then managed by British.
    Life moves on, idea of "country" is very new to arab world, I guess.
    Tribes bonding under Empire control, Greek-Roman Empire, Caliphs, Fatima, Mamuluk, Seljuk, Ottoman, British, then recent century.
    Chinese realized they are Chinse when the Europe plus japan Russia is kicking Chinese's ass.
    I think Palestines realized they need to be a county when Jewsih build the country Israel,
    another mono-god religion with many backups next door or inside the house.
    Jews are struggling for long time, dream about a country for long.
    Palestine seems deeps realized a country is an urgent thing in the recent century, 
    maybe when they see the arab world is a not reliable power.
    At the same time, Nearby Arab countries formed by Europe supporting somehow, try to get interest form Palestine, in my humble opinion. 
    By the name of Arab world, they wanna to get interests, too.
    But Muslim is a strong bonding across countries for long, 
    country leaders use the idea to inspire people to fight, but care about their interest first.
    Maybe Jordan want to expand, Egyt want to expand, Syria wants to expand.
    Strong Allies are also greedy.

Who is the one start violence? 
    My understand is arab people on the land welcomes Jews at the first, 
    but some conflict I dont really understand happens. 
    I guess it is economic related, like Jews not hiring arabs anymore. 
    so in a sudden Jews are no more welcomed, a mass killing mentioned times and times by Israel side in 1929.
    by the information, arabs attacking goes first till 1938, then Israeli fight back afterward.
    maybe start like ganster fighting, based on community bortherhood I guess.
    then after 1948, Israel starts formal millitary, balance changed.
    Fight back from Jewish by formed Israel IDF.
    more violent from IDF after 1967, also more settlement extension after 1967.
    then Palestine begins Bomb attack since 1989, a strong two side blade, let the world knows the conflict, 
        voice out to the world with the image of terrorist also express the suffer of Palestine. 
        And bomb attack seems start from Israel side in the early years.
    Also there is so may massacres on the land.
    - For massacres that have occurred in ancient Israel and Judea prior to the establishment of the Roman province of Syria Palæstina, see List of massacres in ancient Israel.
    - For massacres that took place prior to the British Mandate, see List of massacres in Ottoman Syria.
    - For massacres that took place in Mandatory Palestine, see List of killings and massacres in Mandatory Palestine. For an analysis about the massacres that took place during the 1948 Palestine War, see Killings and massacres during the 1948 Palestine War.
    - For massacres that have occurred in the West Bank and Gaza since 1948, see List of massacres in the Palestinian territories:



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